Module menu (2-hr each)

Combine these to a 4- or 8-hr programme!

1. Tap on Your Strengths
Learn how to use your strengths to bring out your best!

2. Weathering the Storms
Learn how to cope with life's challenges and come out stronger!

3. We are not Islands
Leverage and cultivate strong relationships for support through good and bad times!

4. MAPping your life's purpose
Explore your life's purpose and meaning

5. Path to Achievement
Take action towards achieving your goals!

6. Ready, Get Set & Go!
Learn how to draw on intrinsic motivation!

7. Jump start NOW!
Learn how to channel your current time and make use of everything you have NOW!

8. Upward Spiral
Make use of positive emotions to bring you on a journey of upward spiral and greater engagement!

9. Glass half full
Learn how to shift your attention and lens towards a more optimistic mindset and attitude!

Suggested programs
(4-8 hr & 1-2 days)

Bundled programmes for your easy selection!

1. Introduction to Positive Education
A glimpse and overview of major leading positive psychology theories and strategies

2. Motivating them to be their best!
Includes a focus on strengths, praise & achievement and intrinsic motivation

3. How to cope with life?
Includes a focus on weathering storms, optimism and capitalizing on the NOW

4. Growing the seeds for the future
Includes a focus on building positive relationships, emotions and purpose for the future

5. Mind-body connection
Includes a focus on loving kindness meditation, mindfulness and the benefits of physical activity.

6. Immersion programme
2-day intensive programme with opportunities for lesson design and application

7. Emotion coaching
Discover how to use the language of emotion to reach out to your children

8. Coaching for excellence
Get our professional coach's guidance in a 12-session coaching programme designed to help you achieve your goals