Need resources from the comfort of your own home? Can't wait till you go to the library to borrow out a book? Check out all the awesome resources below!

Top 5 parenting struggles e-guide!

Find solutions to:

  1. How to motivate your child?

  2. How to find time for family, work and life?

  3. How to not nag, scold or yell at your children?

  4. How to create a positive home environment?

  5. How to get my children to listen?

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25 tips to Raise Flourishing Children!

Received one of my name cards which has tip #12 on it? Wondering what the rest of the tips are?

Not to worry, you can download the whole set of 25 tips here!

How to use:

  • Try to practice the tips one at a time, and observe the impact on your children.

  • Refer to them when you are running out of ideas of how to be positive or feeling particularly negative that day.

  • Share these tips with the people who support your children: teachers, caregivers, helpers so they can apply them too!