Da Qiao Primary School journey

In collaboration with The School of Positive Psychology

Da Qiao Primary School (DQPS) began its Positive Education journey in Dec 2011, with the objective of using positive psychology to empower teachers to increase student well-being and develop sound character.

7 sessions of Introduction to Positive Education, complete with a pre- and post-assessment on various psychological tests. A post-workshop session was run to address the pre-assessment challenges faced by teachers.

  • Adult Hope Scale
  • Satisfaction with Life Scale
  • Psychological Well-Being Scale
  • Situational Benefactor Scale  

Scores on life satisfaction and well-being improved!
Increase in hope scores, particularly for those high in well-being!

 Post Training gratitude from dqps principal, vice principal & Hod

"Sha-En effectively took us through the theory behind Positive Education and how it can be used in practice, both as an individual and as a teacher. She used a repertoire of strategies to reinforce how it can enhance our relationship with our pupils. Teachers came out of her sessions feeling more enriched! The success of Sha-En's sessions came from the clarity of communication with the staff, the ability to relate to them giving authentic examples of herself as a practitioner in class and the passion in her delivery!"

Rezia Rahumathullah, HOD/Character & Citizenship Education