Programs & Workshops

All programs & workshops are customisable to meet schools timelines/schedules.

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"This is one of the few workshops that connects the participants with the positive aspects of not just themselves, but other participants too - everyone in the workshop felt great! The benefits extend beyond the workshop into our daily life when we do the exercises regularly. Attending this workshop is a positive step everyone should take to make our life's journey more wonderful." 

— Aden Gan, Curriculum Director, Pro-Teach Education Group

"I benefitted greatly from the 2-day workshop conducted by Sha En on Resilience and Positive Psychology.  At the end of the workshop, I have a deeper understanding of these 2 areas, which is very helpful in my student welfare work.  Credit goes to Sha En’s ability to design and pitch the course at the correct level for my teachers and myself, despite the varying levels of experience in affective education among us.  Sha En’s facilitation skills were excellent.  I will strongly recommend courses by Sha En to my colleagues and friends." 

— Veronica Chua, Director/Well-Being, Hwa Chong Institution