"This is one of the few workshops that connects the participants with the positive aspects of not just themselves, but other participants too - everyone in the workshop felt great! The benefits extend beyond the workshop into our daily life when we do the exercises regularly. Attending this workshop is a positive step everyone should take to make our life's journey more wonderful." 

— Aden Gan, Curriculum Director, Pro-Teach Education Group

"Claire and her team did a wonderful job in raising the awareness of the boarding staff that they can take control of how they interact with the students to achieve the desired outcomes. The follow up sessions with the staff helped ensure lasting impact through accountability. Claire’s team made themselves accessible for my colleagues after the workshops and that was much appreciated. Thank you for a professional job well done!"

- Raymond Mak, HCIS Dean of Student Development

“I learnt to face challenges & see them from another angle.”

- Executive & Admin Staff

"The workshop was very well organized and rich with knowledge and activity. Sha-En is an excellent facilitator who is engaging and conveys ideas well, and is able to bring the class together on issues that are usually personal and difficult to share."

— Jeffrey Siow, Workshop Participant

"I never slowed down to think about my emotions and how they affect my actions. This workshop gave me an opportunity to do so, and also taught me tools to manage myself better." 

— SUSS Student

“Sha-En has the perfect balance of in-depth knowledge as well as understanding of how to practically apply it. She has a warmth and friendliness about her, so to be in her company is to feel you’ve made a new friend. Her ambition and passion is inspiring!”

— Tara Schofield, Founder (PIE Network)

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